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Applications on Signal Recovering

Recent theoretical developments have generated a great deal of interest in sparse signal representation. A full-rank matrix generates an undetermined system of linear equations.
Our purpose is to find the sparsest solution. i.e., the one with the fewest nonzero entries. Finding sparse representations ultimately requires solving for the sparsest solution of an undetermined system of linear equations. Some recently works had shown that the minimum l1-norm solution to an undetermined linear system is also the sparsest solution to that system under some conditions.

linear system
minimization problem
fixed-point method
Cybershare's Steering Committee Meeting 2009

Presentation materials used for the Steeting Committee Meeting, December 2009.

Steering Committee Meeting
Hole's Code Interview with Randy Keller

Audio of Dr. Randy Keller interview with the CS4310, fall 2004-spring 2005, software engineering group.

Randy Keller
Hole's Code
Hybrid Optimization

We present a hybrid optimization approach for solving global optimization problems, in particular automated parameter estimation models. The hybrid approach is based on the coupling of the Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation (SPSA) and a Newton-Krylov Interior-Point method (NKIP) via a surrogate model.

Carlos A. Quintero
Integrated and Comparative Geophysical Studies of Crustal Structure of Pull-apart Basins: The Salton Trough and Death Valley, California Regions

Presentation made by Dr. Musa Hussein for the Cybershare-geo group.

crustal structure
Musa Hussein
Seismic Tomography Algorithm

This presentation describesthe generalities of the Seismic Tomography Algorithm referred to as Hole's Code, it gives a status of the current implementation, and posts some research questions.

Hole's Code
Omar Ochoa
The Notion of the Quasicentral Path in Linear Programming

Our objective in this work is to show that a related notion called the quasicentral path (QCP), introduced by Argáez and Tapia [2, 3] in
nonlinear programming, while being a less restrictive notion it is
sufficiently strong to guide the iterates towards a solution of the Linear Programming problem.

non-linear programming
linear programming
central path
quasicentral path
Towards a Fast, Practical Alternative to Joint Inversion of Multiple Datasets: Model Fusion

Presentation given by Omar Ochoa to the Cybershare-geo group.

joint inversion
model fusion
Omar Ochoa