CI-Miner: Semantically Enhancing Scientific Processes

The realization of an international cyberinfrastructure of shared resources to overcome time and space limitations is challenging scientists to rethink how to document their processes. Many known scientific process requirements that would normally be considered impossible to implement a few years ago are close to becoming a reality for scientists, such as large scale integration and data reuse, data sharing across distinct scientific domains, comprehensive support for explaining process results, and
full search capability for scientific products across domains. This article introduces the CI-Miner approach that can be used to aggregate knowledge about scientific processes and their products through the use of semantic annotations. The article shows how
this aggregated knowledge is used to benefit scientists during the development of their research activities. The discussion is grounded on lessons learned through the use of CI-Miner to semantically annotate scientific processes in the areas of geo-sciences, environmental sciences and solar physics: A use case in the field of geo-science illustrates the CI-Miner approach in action.

Jan 1 2009 (All day)
journal paper
semantic annotation
semantic abstract workflow
workflow-driven ontology