Reflectance Data Gathering SAW

An abstract workflow about the process of gathering reflectance data from multiple tram lines. This process is also informally referred to as "Santonu's Process".

The Workflow Driven Ontology of the Reflectance Data Gathering process run by Santonu Goswami, has as main methods the collection of raw data files (Collect_Raw_Files): this is the process of running the robotic tram line and making reflectance measurements; the quality assurance and control of the data (QA_QC): this is run by a program that analyzes the raw data and says if the collected reflectance data is correct by generating a quality flag; the use of Multispec (Multispec): this process is done in a program developed at Purdue University used to analyze multispectral and hyperspectral data. It merges raw data files when the quality assurance and control has been passed; and the generation of graphics to interpret the results (Plot_Files), this is done by the scientist using Excel. The main data inputs and outputs for these methods are the raw data files (rawDataFiles), which contain radiance and irradiance measurements; the merged data file (mergedDatafiles), which is the output of Multispec; the quality flag (quality_flag), it is used to classify if the data is good enough to be used or not; the visualization file (visualization_file) is a graphic where the scientist can interpret the results.

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