Reflectance Repository

The abstract workflow of the Reflectance Data Gathering process starts with the run of the tram line, and is abstracted as the Collect_Raw_Files method. This method produce a set of raw data files (rawDataFiles) that have radiance and irradiance measurements. The raw data files are analyzed by a Quality Assurance and Quality Control program, and according to its parameters settings, which are Java model templates (model_templates) and an average model (average_model) from previous seasons, it produce a quality flag (quality_flag) that can be used to determine if the raw data measurements are good enough for further processing. If the instruments in the tram line robot are collecting bad data, they can be recalibrated (Pre_Calibrate_Tram). Once that the quality flag gives a good result, the raw data files are processed with Multispec. This merges the raw data files (mergedDataFiles) and the result is used as input for Excel to create a graphic (Plot_Files). The scientist can interpret the results through this graphic (visualization_file). Raw data files are archived in a data base using a script (Db_Script).