Relocating San Miguel Volcanic Seismic Events for Future Velocity and Tomographic Models

The San Miguel volcano lies near the city of San Miguel, El Salvador (13.43N and -88.26W). San Miguel volcano is an active volcano and presents a significant natural hazard for the city of San Miguel. Furthermore, the internal state and activity of active volcanoes remains an important component to understanding volcanic hazard. The main technology for addressing volcanic hazards and processes is through the analysis of data collected from the deployment of seismic sensors that record ground motion. By analyzing seismic data, we can create images of the internal structure of a volcano to address the location and state of the magma chamber. Six UTEP seismic stations were deployed around San Miguel volcano from 2007-2008 to define the magma chamber and assess the seismic and volcanic hazard. We will be utilizing this data to develop images of the earth structure beneath the volcano, studying the volcanic processes by identifying different sources, and investigating the role of earthquakes and faults in controlling the volcanic processes.

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