Cyber-ShARE Resource Portal

Welcome to CyberShARE Center’s resource portal. The navigation bar on the right side of this portal’s home page provide access to resources typically available in most scientific portals, e.g., publications, products, and datasets.

One of the innovative aspects of the work in CyberShare is its efforts to use semantic technology to annotate scientific processes and their results. This means that an entire collection of resources that comprise the semantic content of a portal can be collected and included in the portal, e.g., ontology and provenance resources. In addition to these, the CyberShARE portal’s semantic content will include semantic abstract workflows that have been developed and used at our center to support understanding of scientific processes.

A novelty of the CyberShARE portal is the use of a comprehensive collection of semantically annotated resources, allowing resources to be collected and presented in a variety of ways. As a result, semantic-aware tools are able to discover semantic resources and use them to increase the understanding, acceptance, and use of resources, e.g., publications, people, and datasets. The current version of the portal is becoming a semantic-aware portal, although it is not there yet. The Research Effort View is an anticipated view of what a semantic-aware portal will be able to automatically generate by inspecting its semantic resources.

Enjoy CyberShARE Center’s resource portal! The CyberShARE Research Team

Research Efforts View